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New Client News: Connecting Our Cultures Setting Guinness World Record

Setting a Guinness World Record™ is monumental and symbolic. Building a symbol of unity as a community of villages representing diverse cultures – and then doing so while setting this world record – is even larger than life.

Blueprint Creative Group is managing the marketing communications, PR execution, and social media fundraising strategy for Connecting Our Cultures as the non-profit organization sets a monumental Guinness World Recordâ„¢ for the world’s largest Sukkah made solely out of children’s colored building blocks. A diversity of cultural organizations representing a ethnic and cultural groups are coming together as part of this UNITY Project to build this record setting Sukkah, which is symbolic of a community working, building, and thriving together.

As part of this UNITY Project, the colored children’s building blocks are being sold for $3 each with $2 from every block purchased from our non-profit partner beneficiaries going back directly to partnering organizations and $1 going to Connecting Our Cultures to be reinvested in educational and cultural diversity programs. Pillar of Strength bricks can also be purchased for $1,800 to represent a family name, dedication, or corporate logo.

The culmination of the UNITY Project will be represented in the public building of the Sukkah with the community and participating organizations coming together to represent a community constructing a better world one block at a time.

For more information on the UNITY Project or to purchase a block, visit