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Economic Development

We help communities move economic indexes through targeted industry promotion, business attraction, and tourism growth.

We work with state, local and international economic development entities to synthesize the community’s value proposition from a scorecard of 100+ indicators. We use research to help us identify the assets a community has to work with and the liabilities to correct. The result is a platform for place branding that builds place equity and location envy in support of pursuing recruitment zones and targeted industries.



Targeted Industries

In the current post-COVID environment where livability, workforce, and mobility were initial economic growth indicators, the result has been migration patterns and company relocations that have become telltale signs of targeted industry growth potential in certain markets. As the looming recession approaches and other economic factors such as the remote work battle, worker shortages, housing affordability, manufacturing challenges, and rising inflation, economic developers are faced with two dualities:

1) An increasingly complex economic environment that is both optimistic and nerve wrecking about how long the current labor, industry and economic trends will continue and 2) the massive innovation infrastructure overhaul driving industries like space exploration, advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence, which translates to tremendous opportunity for economic developers to shore up their regional capacity quickly.


Economic Development Podcast Series

As economic development marketers, Blueprint Creative launched the podcast series to drive thought leadership and shape best practices as we move towards recovery and resiliency in a post-pandemic world. Throughout the series, leaders discuss the changing dynamics of the economic development industry as a whole and predict the trends that may shift their targeted industries.

The series features economic development leaders from across the country and can be checked out here.


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