PR is usually seen as a sling shot approach to generating more awareness and ultimately more sales (or customers)...and the measurement tool used is usually based on how many media hits or feature story placements are secured. When that doesn't happen, it's back to the drawing board...but the truth is that PR is much more than securing media coverage, and it's definitely much more than press releases. Media is just one component of a well thought out PR strategy. Public relations is essentially about crafting and managing the public perception of your brand. It's about deploying a combination of communications tactics to continually shape and influence the public.

Setting a Guinness World Record™ is monumental and symbolic. Building a symbol of unity as a community of villages representing diverse cultures – and then doing so while setting this world record – is even larger than life. Blueprint Creative Group is managing the marketing communications, PR execution, and social media fundraising strategy for Connecting Our Cultures as the non-profit organization sets a monumental Guinness World Record™ for the world's largest Sukkah made solely out of children's colored building blocks. A diversity of cultural organizations representing a ethnic and cultural groups are coming together as part of this UNITY Project to build this record setting Sukkah, which is symbolic of a community working, building, and thriving together.

We've been contracted by the City of North Miami- Miami's 4th largest city with 60,000 residents- to develop and execute a marketing and public education campaign for its proposed annexation plans for a small enclave surrounded by the City's boundaries. As

How are various departments within colleges and universities (both small and large) using social media to:

  • increase admissions
  • improve student retention
  • activate and engage the student body
  • engage alumni and solicit donors, and
  • brand and increase awareness for specific schools/programs independent of the college's overall brand.
We recently conducted a study on the use, effectiveness, and activation of social media among college and university departments and surveyed directors of admissions, marketing communications, alumni relations, institutional advancement/development, and Deans of various programs. The result is a white paper of the 7 Best Practices in Social Media Use in College Admissions, Student Services & Alumni Relations. Receive a free copy of the whitepaper by completing the form below.