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International Trade Promotions with USTDA

Expanding overseas opportunities for U.S. firms to do business in USTDA priority markets and sectors with the objective to create U.S. jobs while expanding emerging economies overseas.

Delivering enterprise-wide communications for University of Utah

The University of Utah system is a renowned clinical, educational, and research enterprise, has the world’s largest genetic database and sees nearly 1 million patient visits each year. Blueprint has been on a university-wide contract since 2018 to provide strategic communications and drive institutional awareness, earned media, and editorial support.

Economic development marketing for Miami-Dade County

As the Agency of Record for the economic development agency within Miami-Dade County, Blueprint was retained to redevelop the agency’s brand and help it more deeply engage its constituents.

Producing a 4,000+ person conference

The City of Miami had found its newfound position as the ‘Capital of Capital’. Miami NFT Week was sanctioned as an opportunity to attract industry and position the region among VCs, startups, creators and Web3 companies.

Developing the Go-To-Market strategy for Sarasota County's enterprise SaaS

Sarasota County's IT unit had solved its own problem by developing a SaaS solution that it eventually made available to other government agencies. Blueprint was right there to launch the strategy.

Enterprise-wide communications for Metro Nashville and Davidson County

Blueprint is on a 5-year city and county-wide communications contract to support the various communications, program and outreach needs across the city's and county’s agencies and departments.

Higher education marketing for Florida A&M University

Blueprint has worked with various departments at Florida A&M University, including the School of Graduate Studies, Athletics Department and University Communications.

Expanding audience segments for Florida tourism

Blueprint recently completed a 4-year contract with Florida's designated tourism marketing organization. Our work focused on growing new audience segments for the state's tourism sector.

Supporting the Spain Tourist Board with U.S. marketing and PR

Spain's tourism industry wants to be known for more than paella Flamenco and to expand awareness for its lively arts and culture scene, haute couture fashion and little known attractions. Blueprint worked with the U.S. tourism board to introduce Spain to a new audience.

Educating the community for Baptist Health

Blueprint worked with Baptist Health on a public education initiative targeted to women to raise awareness on uterine diseases and disorders.

Positioning Downtown Atlanta for economic growth for Central Atlanta Progress

An integrated brand and site redesign improves performance and positions shipping company as tech-forward innovator.

Supporting Northeast Florida Regional Council with crisis communications and emergency preparedness planning

Since 2018, Blueprint has been under contract with the Northeast Florida Regional Council (NEFRC) for program support of its Federal initiative to provide emergency and disaster preparedness planning and regional coordination for an 18-county regional health system.

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