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We drive incremental visitor growth and repeat visitors for DMOs, destinations, and properties by redefining their #1 position.

We do so by uncovering new audience insights from our ongoing research into the destination selection process that reveals where we can influence decisions, convert from media consumption to actual visitors, and grow by audience categories.


Rebounding from COVID-19

While the travel and hospitality sector is on pause during the pandemic, the categories with the greatest momentum are outdoor attractions and drive markets. Despite the caution in travel marketing spend, DMOs and CVBs have an opportunity to reframe their messaging towards road trips and in-market experiences while being sensitive to social distancing guidelines.

Many destinations are collaborating in co-marketing their local communities and pivoting away just from travel related messages to being more community focused. Cities and destinations are seizing the opportunity to reinvent their image in anticipation for when the industry rebounds.

Destination Branding

We shift our clients away from an advertising-first position and create brand impact through product, service, and/or experience innovation that advances the narrative and drives visitor yield.

For travel clients, our work is to take more ownership of visitor data so that we identify a belief, value, or need about the audience that has not yet been leveraged and use that insight to influence the path to booking journey. Ultimately, we turn insights into business opportunities for the destination and weave it as part of our brand strategy, which can be translated in a number of ways, including new destination experiences, targeting new audience segments, or aligning with a cultural movement, for example.

Audience Development

We unlock growth for the destination by pursuing untapped audience segments that could drive incremental visitor growth whether that be multicultural, LGBT, families or millennials, or by passion point (i.e. recreational sports, adventure, culinary, etc.) But it’s not as simple as just adding new audiences into an existing marketing plan. Genuine insights need to first be discovered, preferably what’s not common or have not yet been exploited. As an example, it’s already known that African-American travelers are a growth market and present significant opportunity to increase visitor yield. But the real insight is in discovering what’s unique about this audience’s decision making behavior and how they’re influenced to make travel decisions.

Destination Assessment

We know that it’s not enough to just deliver analytics or data, and that our clients need the answers that the analytics provide. As a key foundation of brand planning, our objective is to line up genuine insights with actual business outcomes that we can improve or impact. For our travel and hospitality clients, this means translating qualitative and quantitative research such as brand audits and visitor studies into creative plans that will impact RevPar, spend per stay, occupancy rates, visitor yield, and other key KPIs.

Experience Transformation

There’s a notion that advertising is a tax you pay for a lack of innovation, and we believe this to be true. We challenge ourselves to help destinations do it the Amazon and Red Bull way by shifting our clients away from an advertising-first position and instead investing in innovation and experience transformation, which can include developing new destination assets or enhancing the customer experience. We believe this to be the most sustainable approach to adapting to shifting consumer demand and traveler trends and strengthening a destination’s competitive advantage.

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We’re using social listening for audience insight to understand how and where people are still traveling to and what their activities consist of during social distancing. We may be able to do the same for your destination.

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