University of Utah

Getting to #1


As one of the country’s leading research universities, the University of Utah is leading in human genetics and has amassed the world’s largest genetic database. With four hospitals encompassing the University of Utah Health System, the university has built a reputation for value in healthcare and is one of three universities that has mastered price transparency in healthcare.

As U of U continues to pursue breakthrough research across various medical disciplines, there is also a need to raise the university’s profile nationally and internationally by celebrating the institution’s most stellar research and clinical achievements.


We discovered that this was more than just a PR campaign and instead an opportunity to develop thought leadership.


We found that the university had internal voices that needed to be championed and that the bigger opportunity was the chance to collaborate globally with researchers from around the world. We developed a communications strategy to build thought leadership and leverage that into the institution’s value proposition.

We secured feature story placement in Forbes, Physician’s Weekly and other media outlets on behalf of U of U, and also worked to define what the positioning of its health system should mean to the consumer.