Blueprint Creative Group

A Case Study on Storytelling to Raise Awareness & Inspire Action


The Urban League of Greater Miami was outraged at the results of an in-depth teacher quality study commissioned by the National Council of Teacher Quality. The study revealed that the least experienced and ineffective teachers were disproportionately placed in the communities serving Miami’s most vulnerable students, which were largely Black. The study aggressively recommended that the Miami-Dade School Board address the challenges and put the most effective teachers in the communities that needed them the most. However, it would take community outrage to fuel the school district towards immediate action.
So Blueprint Creative Group took action as the Urban League of Greater Miami’s marketing agency.

We aggressively leveraged media to shape the narrative and widely publicize the results of the teacher quality study, mobilize the community, and inspire action. We called a community meeting with the Superintendent, which generated immediate buzz and a sense of urgency and literally had every single local TV news outlet and print media requesting interviews and live broadcasting the press conference to a standing room only of concerned parents and citizens.
The Result:
We were able to successfully bring greater awareness to teacher quality while also raising the profile of the organization.ULGM_mediabanner