The Urban League of Greater Miami was outraged at the results of an in-depth teacher quality study commissioned by the National Council of Teacher Quality. The study revealed that the least experienced and ineffective teachers were disproportionately placed in the communities serving Miami’s most vulnerable students, which were largely Black. The study aggressively recommended that the Miami-Dade School Board address the challenges and put the most effective teachers in the communities that needed them the most. However, it would take community outrage to fuel the school district towards immediate action.
So Blueprint Creative Group took action as the Urban League of Greater Miami’s marketing agency.

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The FAMU Basketball program has been nearly winless for the 2014-2015 season, and the impact on game attendance was obvious. With an average of 550 fans in attendance per home game, FAMU Athletics and the university needed to rally fans to fill the stadium for the upcoming rivalry game against Bethune Cookman University. With only one week to meet this goal, we had to move fast and aggressively.

“Load Up Lawson” was the call to action (Lawson is the name of the stadium where the Rattlers play). Meeting this very aggressive goal in such a short time meant that we would have to be more Tallahassee-focused and go beyond typical Rattler fans. This also meant that we had to give people a reason to attend the game despite the dismal season. So we executed a media strategy that would shape the narrative and call to action to compel the community towards action. We pitched media and secured live TV interviews during the morning and afternoon news for both the Interim Athletics Director and Coach. Grassroots efforts also included street team promotions to increase local presence and on-campus fan engagement. The result?

4,923 fans answered our call to “Load Up Lawson”