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July 20, 2020

Four content strategies to crush it during COVID-19

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Entire industries have been disrupted and small businesses are struggling to survive. No amount of government bailout can help reverse the overwhelming impact that the pandemic has had. Even while businesses are struggling to reopen, many are still finding success or at least staying afloat in this new environment.

Everything these days is about experimenting and moving with speed when it comes to trying new ideas and finding what sticks and works the best. And when times call for practicality, there’s nothing more practical than the basics of creating content at scale. Now more than ever relevance is key, and the simplest way to show relevance to your audience is through content. And that’s whether you’re a multinational firm or a small shop. We’ve seen it with brands shifting their messaging to the tune of the times.

4 ways to build brand with content

As part of our work in crisis response, we've been helping our clients reinvent, re-scale, refocus, and reset their approaches. And from a consumer perspective, content has been our approach to help brands achieve all four approaches

Create content at scale and across platforms.

While the marketing landscape is being reimagined, now is the perfect time for brands to become a content factory. Organizations should literally be producing content at scale, with speed, and in volume. Content is the most organic approach to building brand and customer value.

Reverse engineer your audience.

Content marketing genius, Gary Vee, overemphasizes the idea of reverse engineering your audience. In his book, Jab, Jab, Hook, he preaches the significance of creating value for your audience before expecting anything in return and using value to reverse engineer them towards brand affinity.

Needs are urgent and changing during the pandemic, and brands should tailor the business or service to meet these needs and win over customers.

Offer one big thing for Free!

Whether it’s a trial, subscription, limited time offer, guarantee, or whatever else it’s called, scaling a product or service almost usually happens by allowing customers to first experience and interact with the brand with little to no risk. Uber and Airbnb did it to scale and so does every other brand that has dramatically scaled their customer base.

Build thought leadership.

Elon Musk is just as much the brand as Tesla is, and that’s because he’s created a personality for himself that drives thought leadership for Tesla. Elon is essentially the go-to for innovation. In the same way, every person in an organization from top to bottom plays a role in driving brand through thought leadership.

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