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Students and Businesses Donate to Clothing Drive for African AIDS Orphans in Global Campaign Spearheaded by Help AIDS Orphans

July 15, 2010, WASHINGTON, DC–  With millions of children left orphaned to AIDS each year with no parents to care for them, Help AIDS Orphans has united with K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and various organizations as part of a global campaign to supply African AIDS orphans with donated school supplies, used clothing, toys, and other vital necessities.

Part fundraiser and part AIDS awareness campaign, dozens of K-12 schools and colleges have already mobilized students and on-campus organizations to donate school supplies and gently used clothing. Help AIDS Orphans then distributes the donated items to children in Africa and worldwide who have been orphaned due to the loss of their parents from AIDS. The global campaign challenges schools and groups to aggressively donate towards the clothing drive by providing a Small Cash General Grant for the school, group, business, or organization that donates the most items. Purdue University alone has collected over 2,000 donated items towards the drive.

Working with the support of the Nickelodeon Networks and in partnership with Planet Teen, the American Drag Racing League, and others, the mission of Help AIDS Orphans is receiving widespread attention. Since the inception of the clothing and supplies drive, Help AIDS Orphans has received thousands of clothing items, school supplies, and toys.

Help AIDS Orphans is part of a global project of The Africa AIDS Funds, Inc., which has worked tirelessly since 2003 to raise awareness and funding for the global AIDS crisis. The Africa AIDS Funds is purposed to stop the spread of AIDS, starting with Africa, through cost-effective AIDS preventive technology and strategies. For example, the Republic of Liberia has committed to use a microbicide Genvia to help prevent new AIDS infections.

The need is overwhelming and thousands of children and babies in Africa are left orphaned every year and need the basic necessities for their livelihood. Schools, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to organized a donation drive of school items, toys, and used clothing and can be awarded a a Small Cash General Grant as part of the challenge. To support Help AIDS Orphans in furthering their mission and help clothe AIDS orphans around the globe, visit or contact (636) 236-6858.

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