Blueprint Creative Group

Strategic Marketing, Consumer Branding

Client: Fonkoze/Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


If there is one client of ours that believes in the promotion of social justice and economic development, then that is Fonkoze. Fonkoze is a microfinance organization that provides the people of Haiti a way out of poverty through entrepreneurship, economic self-sufficiency, and education. The organization works within rural communities of Haiti to help them start up small businesses from everything including a local food market to farming. Essentially, Fonkoze is a bank for the poor in Haiti.


Grow Fonkoze’s foreign remittance business and increase investment activity among Haiti’s poor particularly in late of Haiti’s 2010 devastating earthquake.


How does Fonkoze introduce card-based technology targeted to the U.S.-based Haiti Diaspora to send remittances to Haiti despite the challenges of impacting, influencing, and shaping a demographic of people typically non-responsive to traditional marketing and advertising tactics and who are also technologically adverse?


  • As a marketing consultant to Fonkoze, we developed a 24-month fully integrated US-based strategic marketing plan to serve as a blueprint for launching Fonkoze’s Pre-paid Debit Card to the Diaspora living in the U.S.
  • Gathered qualitative marketing data to gauge sentiments and understanding for a new financial product virtually non-existent within this demographic.
  • Micro-segmented target markets into primary and secondary targets based on adoptability and usage of product and developed key messaging per segment, key customer touch points, and a tactical roll out plan.
  • Community outreach approach to establishing target market baseline through partnerships with key centers of influences.
  • Deployed localized grassroots educational media campaign that outreached through community workshops, financial literacy education, and publicity.
  • Utilized measurement and monitoring tools to track project’s progress as part of customer adoption and retention strategy.