Blueprint Creative Group

Brand Activation, Social Media Engagement

Client: Timeless Entertainment Concepts


Timeless Entertainment Concepts (TEC) is an events architecture firm with blue-chip clients including Ford, McDonalds, Amtrak, and Virgin Mobile. TEC specializes in creating unique brand activation strategies, interactive entertainment, and unique marketing vehicles which engages consumers and builds affinity…transforming them from passive viewers into brand evangelists.

With a footprint in 26 markets, TEC’s activation programs have garnered major media coverage from the likes of CNN, NY Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, among others and have activated brands at national events including the Tom Joyner Cruise and Essence Festival.


Develop client brand activation and interactive marketing programs within the South Florida market.


How do we engage target consumers with client brands and create brand evangelists using interactive marketing programs? How do we execute an influencer-based digital engagement strategy and virally distribute marketing messages?


  • For automotive giant, Ford Motor Company, TEC developed a vehicle consumer engagement campaign to satisfy Ford’s “butts in seats” customer interaction goal to generate the largest number of brand interactions, new registrations, and test drives using a captured audience of thousands in New Orleans during the Essence Music Festival weekend. TEC used branded event concepts and a uniquely customized “Door Jam Ford Giveaway” contest to activate audiences. Result was 23,739 new registrations and 920 test drives.
  • Used passalongs (i.e. photos, viral videos, and message teasers) to create peer-to-peer influence for local interactive marketing programs.
  • Managed blogger outreach program and niche online communities to spread messages and build digital word of mouth.
  • Used Twitter listening tools to monitor related conversations to join for 2-way engagement. Cultivated Facebook conversations to amplify buzz.
  • Developed interactive applications to trigger actions which appeared in fans’ feeds.
  • Monitored effective benchmarks for measurement of social media impact.
  • Result of social media campaign was a massive local buzz that organically secured live news broadcast from NBC affiliate, major local papers, and influential local bloggers attending launch event for coverage.
  • Post-launch strategy encouraged Facebook fan participation with tagging of event pics, posting of personal videos of event, checking into Places, live Tweeting, sharing of viral videos, and created thematic daily posts where fans participate in sharing related content.
  • Interactive marketing program is reoccurring one-year later and has developed loyalists who consistently attend every event and have essentially become evangelists for the brand. Evangelists are rewarded with VIP cards and other incentives.
  • Online community has grown to over 4,000 fans with social media strategy pushing email database to over 10,000.


Ford Motor Company Activation TEC Program at Essence Music Festival 2011