Who We Are

The Branding Experts

We mobilize influencers, activate brands, and shape conversation.

Blueprint Creative Group is a branding and engagement agency established since 2005 with a passion for raising awareness and inspiring action through high impact messaging campaigns, digital storytelling, media strategy, and marketing communications. Our goal is to shift our client’s thinking away from the idea that an agency is all about PR, because it’s not. The real value is not in getting stories out there but in driving messages, contributing to the conversations, and ultimately, impacting, protecting, and strengthening the brand and intensifying awareness.

We’re content creators, conversationalists, and connectors.

Brands need access to the right people, lifestyles, and social settings.
That’s where we come in.

What We Do

Engagement is Key



We specialize in starting conversations with the right people…moving them with engaging ideas…and empowering them to share their experiences.

The Playboy CLub ~ NBC Fall Launch 2011.


We connect brands with consumers by creating experiences, building communities, and driving impact by tapping into culture.



Brands get stale over time. So do messages and the audience. Storytelling is key to our media approach to grow the pie and expand the conversation.

How We Do It

Our Services

Media Strategy

We drive awareness through an aggressive media blitz that secures coverage, shape conversations about the brand, and engage audiences.

Digital Engagement

Our digital campaigns mobilize influencers, expand the reach to new audiences, build community, curate content, and drive demand.

Marketing Communications

We execute integrated campaigns that strengthen communications, build movements, launch ideas, and promote organizations.

Audience Marketing

Whether it’s engaging millennials, college students, women, or the Black consumer, we create brand impact through cultural connections.
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Our Work
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Downtown Dining District

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