Brand Failure | Burger King’s The Crispy Chicken Song: Marketing to Multicultural Consumers Isn’t Rocket Science

I’ve seen it all the time…failed attempts at marketing to multicultural consumer segments with mass efforts using general market insights. These marketers seem to think that if you stick a Hispanic or African-American face in the messaging or ad that it’s a home run when the truth is that penetrating these demographic segments means so much more than “looking” like them. Take it from Michael Steele and his attempts to reinvent the GOP with a Hip Hop and pop culture makeover– it’s an epic fail.

What multicultural consumers want most from a brand or organization is to believe that their lifestyle and culture is understood. They want to know that you’ve invested enough time and resources into understanding what matters most to them and that there’s genuine interest in them as a consumer. The worst way to lose multicultural consumers is to blatantly show that you don’t get them or their cultural nuances.

Burger King learned the hard truth when their attempt to be hip and cool by featuring 9x Grammy award winner R&B artist Mary J. Blige in an ad signing “The Crispy Chicken Song” came off as somewhat racist and stereotypical and offended African-Americans.

5 Ways Non-profits Can Use Pinterest

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I admit. Social media can get quite cumbersome and overwhelming at the same time, especially for a non-profit who is already severely understaffed, overworked, and probably overlooked.

And now you can add Pin It to your to do list.

The new kid on the block is Pinterest, which everyone is buzzing about, but not every non-profit has jumped on the bandwagon…but should. With the fastest growing social media community and an audience of 90% women, non-profits should get to pinning, and do so ASAP. Just like with all of the other platforms, Pinterest allows you another opportunity to connect with and engage your audience on their terms.

How to Get the Most Out of a Digital Non-profit Fundraising Campaign

The end of the first quarter marks a time when non-profits begin to realize a noticeable decline in donations as many donors tend to give at the end of the year during the holidays. By March, non-profits start to feel pinched by their budgets and must depend on successive appeals to current donors while engaging and attracting new donors.

So it’s during this time of year when crafting well strategized tactical communication pieces such as fundraising letters, email campaigns, advocacy appeals, and social media engagement is most important to a year-round fundraising strategy.

The infographic below was recently released as part of the 6th annual eNonprofit Benchmarks Study and highlights the types of communications strategies that are most effective in digital and online fundraising.

Skittles, Arizona Ice Tea, & Corporate Social Responsibility in the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

If you’re a big brand like Skittles, Arizona Ice Tea, or even a manufacturer of hoodies, how do you respond when your brand is thrust in the media spotlight in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy? Do you sit back as your brand sort of becomes this iconic symbol and watch as your brand be broadcasted across national media outlets or do you allow corporate social responsibility to take over and do something, perhaps, publicly show sympathy for the grieving family?

That’s what Skittles did.

What Pinterest Means for Your Brand’s PR Strategy

There’s a new kid on the block named Pinterest. This new platform is all the rave these days and for good reasons. Since May 2011, traffic to Pinterest has increased by 2,702% and counting. Not to mention that Pinterest has become top traffic driver for retailers.

So what does all of this mean for your brand’s PR strategy?

A well executed PR strategy crafts compelling messages for a brand. Similarly, Pinterest is all about storytelling, which makes it a very effective tool for a digital PR strategy. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and the other platforms, Pinterest is less promotional and more about connecting audiences with the brand’s lifestyle through photos and visual content. So if your brand is visual or can convey its messages and lifestyle through imagery, then Pinterest should be added as another tool to engage and communicate with your audience.

However, there is a huge BUT about Pinterest, and brands should take notice. Nearly 90% of Pinners (users who pin on Pinterest boards) are women, leaving out an entire demographic of men.

What’s in a PR Plan? 5 Key Elements of a Comprehensive PR Strategy

PR is usually seen as a sling shot approach to generating more awareness and ultimately more sales (or customers)…and the measurement tool used is usually based on how many media hits or feature story placements are secured. When that doesn’t happen, it’s back to the drawing board…but the truth is that PR is much more than securing media coverage, and it’s definitely much more than press releases.

Media is just one component of a well thought out PR strategy. Public relations is essentially about crafting and managing the public perception of your brand. It’s about deploying a combination of communications tactics to continually shape and influence the public.

New Client News: Connecting Our Cultures Setting Guinness World Record

Setting a Guinness World Record™ is monumental and symbolic. Building a symbol of unity as a community of villages representing diverse cultures – and then doing so while setting this world record – is even larger than life.

Blueprint Creative Group is managing the marketing communications, PR execution, and social media fundraising strategy for Connecting Our Cultures as the non-profit organization sets a monumental Guinness World Record™ for the world’s largest Sukkah made solely out of children’s colored building blocks. A diversity of cultural organizations representing a ethnic and cultural groups are coming together as part of this UNITY Project to build this record setting Sukkah, which is symbolic of a community working, building, and thriving together.

7 Best Practices in Social Media Use in College Admissions, Student Services & Alumni Relations

How are various departments within colleges and universities (both small and large) using social media to:

  • increase admissions
  • improve student retention
  • activate and engage the student body
  • engage alumni and solicit donors, and
  • brand and increase awareness for specific schools/programs independent of the college’s overall brand.

We recently conducted a study on the use, effectiveness, and activation of social media among college and university departments and surveyed directors of admissions, marketing communications, alumni relations, institutional advancement/development, and Deans of various programs.

The result is a white paper of the 7 Best Practices in Social Media Use in College Admissions, Student Services & Alumni Relations.

Receive a free copy of the whitepaper by completing the form below.

Social Causes That Get Twitter Right- Tweetsgiving Case Study

Tweetsgiving is a social media charity drive that mobilizes the Twitter community to Tweet their gratitude and fundraise for a specific social causes in a 48-hour time period. The following case study highlights a successful social media fundraising strategy that resulted in close to $11,000 raised in 48 hours to build a classroom in Tanzania.