PR is usually seen as a sling shot approach to generating more awareness and ultimately more sales (or customers)...and the measurement tool used is usually based on how many media hits or feature story placements are secured. When that doesn't happen, it's back to the drawing board...but the truth is that PR is much more than securing media coverage, and it's definitely much more than press releases. Media is just one component of a well thought out PR strategy. Public relations is essentially about crafting and managing the public perception of your brand. It's about deploying a combination of communications tactics to continually shape and influence the public.

People get so caught up in the news release when the truth is that most are poorly written, are filled with so much self puffery and very little news, and/or sent to the wrong people who can't do anything with the release in the first place. Small businesses especially fall for the belief that press releases will product magical results. That couldn't be further from the truth. A few tips: 1- Be sure that there is actually something of importance to talk about in the release.