When you think of Daytona Beach, FL, what's the first thought that comes to mind? Daytona 500. Bike Week. Spring Break. While those are major associations for the area, I doubt it's enough to drive year-round visits. So the City has decided to focus more on marketing and increasing it's leisure and convention travel. That's a great start considering the fact that Daytona isn't known as a destination brand like its neighbor Orlando. However, Daytona is known for its beaches, but Miami is close enough to crush the competition. So I guess that's why the Volusia County Council signed off on an $89,000 tourism study late last year to understand how the area is being marketed. I thought it was clear enough what the current positioning was based on what the biggest drivers seem to be for the area's tourism industry. Perhaps, instead of a study, the focus should be on defining where Daytona could be most competitive and carving out a unique identity as a destination to drive top of mind awareness and attract travelers year round.