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Kelly Magill of KGV Studios is working on a documentary about the Tennessee maneuvers during WW1 and has rediscovered a piece of Nashville history.

I realized that everyone involved in the Tennessee Maneuvers were all dying so I just started going around and capturing those stories.

About Kelly Magill, Owner of KGV Studios

Kelly Magill, as the owner of KGV Studios, is one of Nashville’s most respected videographers, and works exclusively in the field of corporate video. KGV Studios has won numerous ADDYs and services a large number of clients in the Middle Tennessee area. KGV Studios excels in not only producing video, but doing the strategy and creative concepting as well.

In addition to producing video content that is technically highly professional, Kelly is gifted at directing clients to deliver their best performance on camera. Kelly can oversee all aspects of video production including scriptwriting, casting, location scouting, green screen, After Effects work, etc.

Kelly Magill is also an award-winning periodicals publisher. Kelly published Nashville Interiors Magazine for 16 years in the Middle Tennessee Area. In 2006-2007, Kelly also produced, hosted and wrote for Nashville Interiors TV, a local show focusing on building and interior design in the area.

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