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Crisis moments have a way of bringing out ingenuity and creativity and forcing us to rethink what really matters.

Creative shops by far have had to do a lot with a little during the pandemic. With ad budgets chopped, production crews on pause, and the tone in America somber and sensitive, agencies have had to rethink what advertising and influence means and do so under unusual circumstances.

It’s moments like this that reminds us that advertising is never about selling and more about feeling, connecting, and inspiring. Creative teams went from scrambling for how to keep brands top of mind to keeping it simple and going back to the basics. No big production or expensive equipment. No scripts or actors. Just simple messages with significant meaning to remind us of what ultimately matters the most.

These are some of our favorite ads during the pandemic that we believe had the three-part combo – emotions, connection, and inspiration.

Best inspiration during the pandemic: Doves’ “Courage is Beautiful”

Dove’s inspiring spot featured nurses and doctors in their scrubs and protective gear pointing out the risk that these essential workers faced daily as they worked tirelessly to save lives.


Best pivot: Progressive’s ‘Virtual Work From Home’ ad

Progressive hit the nail on the head by finding a way to keep customers laughing during such a serious time. With work from home being the new norm, Progressive adapted its creative to show the daily nuances of WFH life such as: being muted while talking, employees being distracted by things at home, and of course tech issues.


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