How we repositioned the university's online graduate degree program to adapt to changing workforce trends
At a time when new workforce trends and talent shortages continue to impact the growth of emerging industries, talent has become the new currency in how communities and economies grow. Amazon's HQ2 search is by far the best and most recent example of this. As universities continue to defend and protect their national rankings, they're judged more and more by their ability to incubate a continuous pipeline of adequately prepared talent to meet future workforce needs. This alone guided our work for one of the country's largest Historically Black College and University (HBCU).
Audience Insight

Research revealed that a large number of FAMU alumni were not aware of the university’s online degree program and subsequently sought to pursue advanced degrees from other institutions.


Not only was awareness critical, but we needed to recapture alumni and remind them of the role that a FAMU undergraduate degree has played in their career and inspire them to continue pursuing their goals through a FAMU online graduate degree. We also needed to regain market share from for-profit universities that had aggressively courted our audience to pursue their online graduate degree.


Florida A&M University understood that it played an important role in helping to retool a skilled workforce. The university came to us to reposition its online graduate degree programs with a compelling messaging strategy that would inspire degreed professionals to strengthen their competitiveness with an advanced degree from FAMU.

With less than six months remaining before the start of the semester, we knew that we needed a combination of paid search, display advertising, and an earned media blitz to aggressively engage prospects and inspire them to take the first step of submitting a graduate application in time for enrollment deadlines. For display advertising, this included cross promotions on non-career related lifestyle targeted media platforms to maintain a presence everywhere our audience would be. Thought leadership and success stories led the earned media campaign while paid social led our always-on campaign from start to end.

Our Work