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What We Do

Blueprint Creative Group is not a marketing and PR agency – we’re an engagement agency. We’re branding experts. Yes, we have marketing and PR capabilities and use them in our campaigns, but what we do really well as an ideas agency is develop creative marketing campaigns to drive brand loyalty, engagement, and awareness among niche audiences through activation, influencer marketing, inclusion, and community.

We’re driven by big ideas. We’re driven by the challenge to find creative, robust, and measurable strategies to connect brands with audiences, start conversations, and communicate a brand’s story. We’re driven by the opportunity to help a company more deeply strengthen its presence in local communities as part of its corporate social responsibility programs. We have a knack for brainstorming ideas to aggregate, activate, and mobilize audiences to do one specific thing whether it’s to go see a movie, purchase tickets to a game, or to try out a new menu item at a quick service restaurant (QSR). We like to create a tribe of influencers or engage an existing community of fans or audiences (i.e. moms, college students, entrepreneurs, etc.) to get them to drive conversations around your brand or organization.

Every brand, every organization, and every cause needs big ideas driven by creative executions. We work across diverse sectors from corporate, B2B and B2C, academia, tourism and hospitality, consumer brands, non-profits and causes, and lifestyle sectors to specific audiences (i.e. teens, millennial, college students, moms, dads, multicultural, etc.) and even down to specific problems and challenges (i.e. demand generation, audience mobilization, etc.).

We invite you to learn more about our specialization and our past work and welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular brand objectives: