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Marketing Strategy

Our always connected society is reshaping the branding process. There’s so much clutter fighting for a share of the consumer that the only true way to build memorable brands and organically build awareness is through engagement. Consumers don’t want to be marketed, sold, or promoted to. They want to be engaged. They want conversation, and they want brands to empower them to do so.

As an engagement agency, we create consumer-inspired brand interactions that position brands to engage the right people at the intersection of their daily lives. We use a mix of communications tactics both online and offline to create truly engaging brand experiences where the consumer is transformed into evangelists and then empowered to engage others. For us, it’s less about promoting and more about creating conversations and experiences that build trusting and lasting relationships with the right people. In a nutshell, we bring brands right where the right people are and put the consumer at the center of everything they do.

People don’t want to talk to brands; they want to talk to people. So we help transform products into brands and brands into personalities.

It’s not rocket science nor is it a game of chance where it’s hit or miss. Instead it’s about who, where, why, and when and then engaging to make it all resonate with the right people, using the right message, and at the right time.

As a consumer-driven marketing agency, we fuse conversations, brand experiences, engagement, strategy and insight, analytics and measurement, and technology and data to create the engagement model. Customer intelligence and influencer mapping is at the center of what we do, and we use it to develop marketing programs directed at channeling very specific consumer behaviors.

For us, it’s a 360° approach to influencing consumer behavior, creating experiences, and shaping perception through engagement using a combination of touch points based on customer experiences.

What we do best:

  • Consumer engagement
  • Conversation marketing
  • Brand experiences
  • Influencer mapping
  • Customer intelligence
  • Experiential marketing
  • Brand re-positioning
  • Marketing planning
  • Communications audit
  • Core message development