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Branding 101

There is a common misconception that branding is simply a tagline, visual identity, or logo. It is much, much more and many simply don’t realize the core differences between branding and brand development. Developing well positioned brands involves a strategic process that ultimately influences and shapes positive perceptions of the brand, creates the personal connection between brand and core audience, and is easily identifiable and recognizable. Ultimately, it is smart, well positioned brands that win.

Branding refers to the creation of the perceptions and images that an audience has towards a brand and includes the visual elements i.e. logo, symbol, color scheme, brand personality, website, etc.

Brand development
applies marketing techniques to create the brand, its perceived value, and its brand promise that is delivered to the consumer.

A good brand is recognizable, resonates with its intended audience, delivers a consistently strong brand promise, and creates an experience and value proposition.