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As a creative marketing agency, we work with organizations, non-profits, and consumer brands who need to solve very specific business challenges and conditions through a comprehensive branding approach to increase awareness, tell a story, and engage audiences.

New product launch: We develop go-to-market strategies to competitively and visibly position new products to drive audience awareness and sales.

Brand re-positioning: Stale brands or a mature market often times demand a refreshed brand message and personality. We’ll conduct a brand audit to find the sweet spot between brand and target customer and re-position the brand so that it resonates and activates audiences.

Expansion to new markets/audiences: Launching into new markets or targeting new audiences often requires a series of messaging, outreach, and PR visibility strategies to establish a footprint in the new market.

Time of crisis: Company facing a crisis? Don’t leave your brand and reputation at the mercy of the media and public. A comprehensive crisis communications plan will repair the damage done to the organization’s reputation and develop a sound communications program to reconnect with audiences and regain their trust and the organization’s credibility.

Major company development: When there’s news to tell about a major company development, now is not the time to rely on your standard PR program. A strategically planned media blitz will ensure the maximum impact for the company.

Lack of or poor marketing strategy: Sales, customer satisfaction/retention, fundraising, and growth are all connected to the effectiveness of an organization’s marketing strategy. We’ll develop a gap analysis and revise or revamp the marketing strategy so that it’s more cohesive with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Noticeable lack of awareness/visibility or need to raise company profile/visibility: You can have the best product/service in the world but if no one knows about it or if there’s no distinction between your organization and competitors, then it’ll reflect on your bottom line. A multi-layered marketing communications and PR strategy will raise the organization’s profile and carve out your space in your industry.

Declining or stagnant sales/customers: Sales and marketing should work cohesively, but often times these two major components of a company fail because you’re operating in silos. When there is a downward trend in sales or customer retention is slow, don’t keep running the same sales and marketing program. Sometimes the solution is in reconnecting the two units. Other times, a gap analysis will reveal where marketing has failed to resonate with customers.

Need to strengthen or improve internal/external communications: We help organizations restructure their communications programs and eliminate gaps and inconsistencies so that there is cohesiveness between internal and external communications channels.

Attract younger audiences: Social media provides the best opportunity to engage and mobilize younger audiences. We’ve developed online influencer campaigns to connect with and activate younger audiences towards brand awareness.