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United Way of Broward

The Challenge

As a pillar in uniting an entire community to create significant lasting change that positively impacts people’s lives, United Way of Broward observed an alarming trend in the increase in unintentional injuries and deaths among millennials ages 13-25. This was a result of risky driving behavior that could be linked to a variety of factors, including texting while driving, alcohol and drugs, and inexperience. Ride Safely was conceptualized as a millennial-targeted social marketing initiative to influence social and behavior change to ultimately reduce the number of unintentional injuries and deaths.

The Blueprint

We were tasked with developing and rolling out an influential marketing and messaging campaign that would promote healthy behaviors through health communications, policy change, and culture change. We did so with a combination of educational, community outreach, and intervention strategies and with a storytelling narrative that included media advocacy, PR, peer-to-peer interaction, public policy and enforcement, parental and community involvement, environment/engineering, and education and curriculum design. The campaign resulted in funding and grant opportunities for the organization.