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HIV/AIDS Awareness

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RCP Movement

Non-profit Organization

Strategic Marketing


Respect Yourself, Check Yourself, Protect Yourself, also known as the RCP Movement, is a social marketing campaign
using pop culture to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS awareness in Florida and increase the number of
first-time testers. The organization needed to more widely distribute its messages to a larger audience
and overcome stigmas related to HIV/AIDS testing by using clever messaging and influencers to
drive first-time testers and lead to an overall reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS.


  • We developed a youth driven, peer led social marketing campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness using relevant
    messaging, pop culture, on campus ambassadors, and grassroots marketing to effectively communicate
    with the targeted demographic.
  • The marketing plan served as blueprint for the messaging campaign, PR strategy, partnership
    development, and community outreach.
  • RCP chapters were mobilized across college campuses to widely distribute and
    promote program messages.
  • “Show You Know” concerts were used as a call to action leveraging a free concert as the
    incentive to drive first time testers.
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