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Guyana Tourism Authority

The Challenge

Guyana is a little known remote emerging eco-tourism destination and cannot be geographically located by most of its potential visitors. Located along the Caribbean coast, it also has the unique combination of having a Caribbean flair and being the only English-speaking country in South America.

The Blueprint

When niche travelers think of birding destinations, ecotourism, and adventure travel, Guyana is the last destination to come to mind and is overshadowed by the likes of Peru, Costa Rica, and Belize. So how does an uncommon destination compete against giants for a place on the niche tourism map? Introduce Guyana through a media and storytelling campaign to leverage its unique appeal against competitors.

We were retained to generate awareness for Guyana’s adventure, birding, and eco-tourism product by introducing this uncommon destination to American niche travelers through a proactive media campaign that emphasized storytelling around Guyana’s niche assets and unique appeal through earned media placement. This included media and trade promotions as well as media trips with highly influenced journalists at major media outlets and FAM trips with the top selling tour operators. The ultimate goal for Guyana is to create widespread awareness so that more visitors would become familiar with the destination and book it for a future visit.