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Florida A&M University eLearning

The Challenge

FAMU launched an online master’s degree program that required a well thought out branding strategy and digital launch that could produce aggressive first year enrollment goals. The campaign was also launched with less than two months until the enrollment deadline and required a quick call to action through a direct response digital campaign. We need to drive awareness and applications from prospective students across the country in order to meet first year enrollment goals and needed to act quickly.

The Blueprint

We were retained as part of a marketing team and given a tight timeline to execute a direct response digital campaign, which first required understanding positioning opportunities that could quickly drive brand awareness. Digital assets were created that would tie in the campaign’s messaging structure with a digital ad campaig and included an eLearning splash page, digital communications tools, and lifestyle marketing. We knew that it would take a bit of creativity and non-traditional marketing to boost enrollment.

The digital marketing campaign included hyper-targeted digital ads, social media engagement, co-promotions, and an online PR campaign. Ultimately, more than 14 million impressions drove tens of thousands of clicks to the program information page to boost enrollment.