Economic Development
We move economic indexes through
business attraction & investment
promotion to drive job growth and
increase tourism tax dollars.
Whether a local or state government or international agency, we analyze economic performance from a scorecard of 100+ indicators, which helps us identify the assets a community has to work with and the liabilities to correct. From there, we develop place equity and location envy, which we use for recruitment zones and targeted industry promotion.

City Brand Audit

Our data scientists audits the market on 100+ economic indicators and 50+ categories of brand sentiment with comparative benchmark scores measured against competing markets. The result is a brand strategy to position the market for targeted industry promotion, business attraction, and workforce development.

Investment Attraction

Through targeted industry promotion and data from the recruitment zone analysis, we identify expanding companies that are ripe for relocation and/or growth and strategically nurture a marketing and outreach strategy to recruit the business to the market.

Recruitment Zone Analysis

We use big data and heat maps to analyze industry clusters and define top recruitment zones that will support lead generation and investment attraction.

International Trade Promotions

We provide in-market representation for international governments, develop trade promotions programs to drive sector growth, and provide advisory services to drive foreign direct investments.

Examples of Our Work