A Social Media Lesson From Miami’s Food Trucks (Part 1)

It seemed to have come from nowhere as if that infamous @Krispy Kreme “Hot Now” light came on. All of a sudden the Twitter universe  lit up with talks about it, and if you weren’t expecting it, I guarantee you were left wondering Who? What? When? Where? and How?

Like a cult following, the Miami Food Trucks trend is like the guilty pleasure of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” when you know you should be keeping up with your New Year’s resolution of “Eat Right, Live Right, & Workout”. But just like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” you just want more. The Miami Food Trucks have rallied up Food TweetUps where dozens, if not more, Food Trucks meet up at designated locations and droves of cult followers convene for the juiciest burger, mamacita’s best Cuban dish, and a taste of the Caribbean. And we’re not talking about the old style food carts that you were too afraid to eat from. These food trucks are gourmet and outfitted to compete with any brick and morter restaurant.

INROADS Announces 2010 Top 10 Providers

INROADS Announces 2010 Top 10 Providers of Corporate Internships for Minority Students

United Technologies Heads List for Fourth Consecutive Year

St. Louis, MO, January 24, 2011 — As INROADS celebrates its 40th year of developing and placing over 125,000 high performing minority students in salaried corporate internships with some of America’s leading companies, it is pleased to announce United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX) once again tops its list as the largest provider of corporate internships for the fourth year in a row.

INROADS is the nation’s largest non-profit source of salaried corporate internships, providing diverse students with the business soft skills and competencies necessary to be successful in advanced careers. Since the UTC/INROADS sponsorship began in 1986, UTC has remained firmly committed to attracting and retaining diverse employees. In 2010, UTC hired 207 INROADS Interns in a variety of fields, including engineering, finance, legal, and human resources. UTC’s Sikorsky Aircraft company was awarded the 2010 INROADS Conversion and Corporate Plus Award in the New England Region. Also, UTC’s Hamilton Sundstrand unit was honored by the Pacific Southwest Region and Hamilton contractor Dwight Mitchell was recognized with INROADS’ Business Coordinator of the Year Award.

Corporate Communications

Client: INROADS, Inc.


INROADS develops and connects high promising minority students with salaried corporate internships at America’s leading companies. INROADS has earned the trust and respect of America’s Fortune 500 companies and have placed students in over 125,000 internships during its 40-year history.


Create a national PR plan to highlight organizational milestones over its 40-year history and reinforce organizational mission to current and prospective corporate partners.

Restaurants and Brands Take Advantage of Festivus Hype

Imagine creating your own holiday celebration for whatever reason you wish…kind of like that episode on Seinfield where the fake holiday “Festivus” was created as an alternative to celebrating Christmas. In the episode, Festivus was celebrated with a few traditional practices of its own beginning with the “Airing of Grievances” followed by the Festivus dinner and concluding with the “Feats of Strength.”

9 Tips for Using Twitter to Build Your Nonprofit Network

Twitter, so big and so influential, yet so intimidating for many non-profit organizations. So instead, non-profits choose to stay out of the world of hashtags and 140 character limits and instead choose to continue using the same traditional marketing channels to fight for awareness and donor engagement in the oh so competitive non-profit space.

As Rosetta Thurman of the Young Non-profit Professionals Network puts it, “A lot of nonprofit folks are still skeptical about why they should be on Twitter.” So of course, we were quite happy to read her tips for using Twitter to effectively build, create, and expand a non-profit’s network.

NFL Athletes Join Forces in Miami to Host “Each One, Teach One All-Stars Community Outreach Camp”

A host of NFL athletes have joined forces to collaborate with South Florida’s VSports Marketing Group for the “Each One, Teach One All-Stars Community Outreach Camp” being held on Monday, October 18, 2010 from 6:00-8:30pm at the Little River Park located at 10525 NW 24 Avenue, Miami, FL.

The free youth camp open to youth athletes ages 5-16 is created to use sports as an outlet that connects local youth to professional athletes who will serve as mentors and assist in guiding them in the areas of social consciousness, academic and scholastic achievement, youth athletics, and lifestyle enrichment through healthy options. Camp organizer, VSports Marketing Group, anticipates partnerships with local organizations to promote educational development for youths and scholarship opportunities to deserving high school athletes graduating in 2011 who show promise academically and on the field.

Workshop: Marketing on a Shoestring Budget When the Economy Sucks

Blueprint Creative Group produces a series of D.I.Y. [Do. It. Yourself.] Marketing workshops designed especially for small businesses and non-profit organizations with limited budgets. The truth is that the current economy has placed a severe financial strain on businesses leaving them with less to work with but with the increasing need to maximize their marketing exposure  in order to remain competitive. Unfortunately, businesses always find themselves reducing their overall marketing budget in a financial crunch when that’s probably one of the most necessary expenses for a business. Marketing activities usually have a strong link to an organization’s bottom line, and a reduced emphasis on marketing ultimately results in unmaximized revenue potential.

Help AIDS Orphans Organization to Launch Chapter During Asian-African Youth Forum in Indonesia

August 17, 2010, WASHINGTON, DC–  Help AIDS Orphans (HAO), a US-based organization that supports AIDS orphans in Africa, announces the launch of a chapter in (COUNTRY) during the 2010 Asian African Youth Forum (AAYF) held during August 23rd-27th, 2010 in Indonesia. The launch of a new chapter during the AAYF will bring attention to the Africa AIDS crisis at a time where leaders and youth from all countries of Asia and Africa will unite to declare the joint collaboration for social and health issues challenging the countries. The new chapter will also help HAO to carry out its mission of bringing awareness to the Africa AIDS crisis and meeting the dire needs of 13 million AIDS orphans and babies.

Students and Businesses Donate to Clothing Drive for African AIDS Orphans in Global Campaign Spearheaded by Help AIDS Orphans

July 15, 2010, WASHINGTON, DC–  With millions of children left orphaned to AIDS each year with no parents to care for them, Help AIDS Orphans has united with K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and various organizations as part of a global campaign to supply African AIDS orphans with donated school supplies, used clothing, toys, and other vital necessities.

Part fundraiser and part AIDS awareness campaign, dozens of K-12 schools and colleges have already mobilized students and on-campus organizations to donate school supplies and gently used clothing. Help AIDS Orphans then distributes the donated items to children in Africa and worldwide who have been orphaned due to the loss of their parents from AIDS. The global campaign challenges schools and groups to aggressively donate towards the clothing drive by providing a Small Cash General Grant for the school, group, business, or organization that donates the most items. Purdue University alone has collected over 2,000 donated items towards the drive.

Something Different Comes to Miami…Wanna Play?

The shortest pickup line takes over South Florida and it comes in the form of games, a fun social atmosphere, cocktails, music, and plenty of fun people. Wanna Play?

MIAMI, FL, May 20, 2010– Connect Four, Twister, the falling blocks of Jenga, and Taboo are all part of the concept. Far different from the typical nightlife scenery, adults seeking an alternative to the everyday club scene flock to it. It is not the first thing that comes to mind when the name is first mentioned, but it certainly has a nostalgic feel to it. Singles enjoy it as an innovative way to mix and mingle with interesting people, and couples enjoy it because it is simply something different to do on date night. A national brand hosted in 20 other cities throughout the country, something different comes to South Florida and it is PlayDate Miami on Friday, June 4, 2010 at 9pm at the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort located at 16701 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL.